It is so wonderful to be home after a nice long weekend at my parents’ house. I had quite a few things planned for today. Mostly errands to run, a little house work, unpacking the suitcases, Joshua’s piano lessons…you get the picture. Instead however, this is what the first part of my day looked like…

…I slept like a baby last night (for the first time in almost a week!) and woke up around 8:15. I walked in the kitchen and prepared hot chocolate for Joshua and Jesse. Owen was still asleep. As they drank their hot cocoa and watched a cartoon, I sat down to check my email. Within a few minutes I heard Jesse yelling from the bathroom for me to come and “wipe his booty”. Well, I don’t wipe his butt anymore! He’s four and a half and he knows how to do it himself. Then I heard him add “I have diarrhea!” So I went in and helped him wipe clean (YUCK!).
While I was in the bathroom with Jesse, Joshua had heard Owen fussing from his room, so he went in to see him and say good morning. This is a sweet everday routine for the boys. They love to run in Owen’s room in the morning and entertain him and give him kisses through the crib until I get him out. Well this morning was a little different. As Joshua opened the door to Owen’s room, he was hit with the smell of puke and the site of Owen (and everything in his crib) covered in vomit. It wasn’t just any normal discolored vomit either. There were large chunks of hotdogs and boiled peanuts everywhere!!! I held my breath and ran to his room to strip him down, pull the sheets off the crib, throw everything into a pukey pile and swept Owen off to the bathroom where I put him in the tub. Within five minutes, I could hear Jesse crying from the living room. What I heard next set the mood for the rest of my day…yep, you guessed it, Jesse puked all over my couch and living room floor. While Owen was in the tub, I put his nasty laundry (including his pillow) in the wash and cleaned up Jesse and his mess from the living room. Okay, I thought, that was nasty, maybe that was the worst of it…yeah right! Dream on!
About thirty minutes went by with no drama. I unloaded the dishwasher, got Owen out of the tub and into some clean jammies, and put the laundry into the dryer now. Then I heard Jesse crying again. This time he had pooped in his underwear by accident (yep, more diarrhea). So I helped him from the couch (MY POOR COUCH!!) to the bathroom and I brought him a clean change of clothes. As I took his poopy underwear and pants to the laundry room, I heard him crying again and saying, “nnoooooo”. At this point, I was afraid to go back in there. What in the world will I see this time, I wondered??? I opened the door to see Jesse sitting on my nice, large, black rug, completely naked and covered in puke. It was on Jesse, all of the clean clothes I had just brought to him, the training potty, and my nice rug. LOVELY! More clothes went to the wash (including my rug…I hope it comes out okay) and Jesse reluctantly went into the tub. Thank the Lord, through all of this, Owen seemed to be over it. He hasn’t shown anymore signs of sickness.
Over an hour went by and Jesse hadn’t spewed anymore, so I decided to load the kids in the car to run a mile down the road to the bank…it’s Monday and I HAD to make a deposit. I was smart, however, and I brought Jesse’s little trash can, lined with five or six grocery bags…just in case! Sure enough, as soon as I pulled through the line, he started vomiting again. Unfortunately for Jesse, he is kind of a pro at puking, so he always makes it to the trash can if one is available. At this point, I figured, we’re already in the car and he’s puking anyways, so why not improve my day slightly by getting some Starbucks? At least then I’ll have lots of energy to keep up with all this cleaning, laundry, and puke! So I got my espresso fix for the day and we made it home in one piece. Once we were settled in, I got out my Little Green Machine (thank goodness for those miracle workers!) and steam cleaned my couch cushions and the living room floor where Jesse had exploded. I sat down in my room, with the door closed, and drank my coffee in peace. It is now 1pm. No one has puked in the last hour and a half and it’s almost nap time. Wish me luck with the second half of my day! 🙂 The good thing is, even with all that nastiness, I have laughed all day. I guess I’ve learned over the years, I might as well make light of all situations, as much as possible. Otherwise, I’ll go insane! I hope your day has been better than mine, with not as much laundry and bodily fluids.