I heard a great message on prayer last Sunday and I’ve been wanting to share it, so here it is:

In the “church circle” we often hear people say, “We are hungry for more of the Lord”…or “We are hungry for revival.”  It is probably accurate to say that we all value our dental hygiene, right?  We prove that we value it by brushing our teeth a few times a day, flossing, and going to the dentist at least once a year.  When we are truly hungry, we feed ourselves right?  If it is 12:30pm and I’m hungry…I eat lunch!  So what are we doing to “prove” that we are truly hungry for God?  Are we feeding on His word and in His presence, through prayer JUST on Sunday mornings?  If I am truly hungry for more of Him, I cannot be passive.  I can’t expect God to do something amazing in my life without  my participation on some level.  You don’t pray for the battle…Prayer IS the battle.  You don’t “pray” for the ministry…Prayer IS the ministry!

Prayer is a humbling act.  Through prayer, we’re confessing that we can do nothing without God.  Prayerlessness births busyness, but when we live a life of prayer, we’re MORE productive.  When we seek God’s face and not just His hand, it takes our focus off of the circumstances surrounding us and allows us to focus solely on Him.  As a result, we get more accomplished.  Run the race to win the prize.  Stay focused on the goal. 

When I have a “to-do” list for the day, I can easily get distracted by other things in my house and hardly get a thing done.  But when I stay focused on the final goal, whatever that may be, I get more accomplished and I’m able to do it faster. 

I want to encourage you, when the Lord puts someone on your heart, or if you’ve been thinking about someone in particular a lot lately…pray for them!  The Lord may be giving you an incredible opportunity to pray someone through a really tough situation that you don’t even know about.  The power of prayer is indescribable.  It only takes a moment.  How do you get to know someone if you never spend any time with them; talking and communicating?  How can I know the promises that the Lord has for me if I never take the time to read His book?  It’s all there!  New parents are often told, “Don’t you wish they came with a manual?”  They DO!  The manual to life, marriage, love, parenting, servanthood, relationship…it’s all in there!  The Bible holds the keys to life and how to live it more abundantly…how bad are your hunger pains?