I’ve made it to Friday.  I can taste the weekend already.  I’ve been pain medicine free for almost 48 hours now.  I still feel occasionally dizzy and ‘out of it’, but overall, I can tell I’m on the up-side.  I drove for the first time today and washed my hair for the second time since surgery.  I’ve been at Ashley’s for most of the day today.  The kids have been great and it’s been nice to get out of the house.

I’m happy to report that this week was a total success.  Surgery was Monday, the boys came home Tuesday night and I’ve had a lot of great help throughout the week with the kids, meals, and friends coming by just to keep me company.  Most of all, I feel like I’ve had a successful week because I laid a solid foundation of planning and organization.  My entire house was clean before I left for the hospital Monday morning.  All the beds were changed, the pantry was full of snacks, and all of the laundry was clean and put away.  This week has basically just been a week of maintaining on Josh’s part.  He’s done a great job of putting the dishes in the dishwasher and running it every night.  Little Joshua has been keeping up with the laundry (gathering and sorting in the laundry room each morning).  Surprisingly, the vacuum hasn’t been used all week, as opposed to at least once a day on a normal week.  I’ll probably get around to that tonight.  Josh has been absolutely amazing this week.  He has stepped up to the plate like never before.  I haven’t woken up before 10am once this week.  He feeds the boys and allows me to rest in peace and quiet.  He gets them dressed each morning and keeps them busy until I wake up.  He comes home early and prepares dinner.  He forces me back to the couch when my uncontrollable urge to “clean up” kicks in.  He rubs my neck and back at night to help me relax and get comfortable  enough to fall asleep.  He’s my angel.  I love that man.

I am so thankful for my husband, my family, and the incredible group of friends that we have.  I’ve known all week that if I needed anything at all, there were a number of people I could’ve called that would have helped me at the drop of a hat.

Times like this remind me that you can  never fail when you build a solid foundation.  Not just organizationally, but in life in general.  In times of trials and stress, grieving or pain, if you have a solid foundation in the Lord, you can overcome anything.  You can stand on the promises of God’s word when nothing else makes sense or you don’t even have the physical strength to stand.    When you live your life serving and loving others, those very same people will be there to serve and love you in your time of need.  Isn’t God good?