Master’s Week officially starts for me on Monday morning. I will be cleaning a friend’s six bedroom house every morning and then catering in the evenings. I’ll work somewhere between 45-50 hours. Some of you working folks might be rolling your eyes right about now, but for a stay-at-home mom whose kids survive on sticking to their schedule and having Mom around everyday, it is going to be a week of stretching and discomfort. I will only see my kids a few hours a day and somehow work laundry, dinner, and baths into those hours as well.

The Plan:

Get all of my laundry done and put away by Saturday night.
My meals are already planned out, but I need to make sure all of the meat is defrosted, the pantry is stocked with snacks, and the fridge has milk and juice.
I will lay out the boys’ clothes each night for the next day to make it easier on my hubby (or the babysitter).
The house is already clean because we’ve been out of town, so next week should be more or less about maintaining order rather than actual cleaning. Damage control will happen the week AFTER. 🙂
I’m planning to still do some school with the boys after lunch each day, so they still feel the routine of a normal week. From there, we’ll probably play outside or go to the park and then I’ll bathe them before I leave each afternoon.
We can DO this!!