I don’t know how many of you are on facebook, but I am, and it can be quite addicting and time consuming if you’re not careful. I should start this by saying, I LOVE FACEBOOK. I check my facebook almost every day and I have a few friends that I would probably lose contact with if it weren’t for facebook…that is my disclaimer. LOL!
I have noticed lately that facebook has become a place for a little subtle competition between the housewives. Many of my ‘friends’ are housewives and/or stay-at-home moms (like myself). So, I find it hilarious to see just how many ‘status updates’ are about who worked out this morning, who made a gourmet meal for dinner, who lost weight on their diet this week, who has a “date night” with the hubby tonight, and who takes the best pictures (it seems like at least 50% of my friends have become professional photographers in the last year or so…don’t get me wrong, most of them are REALLY good and extremely talented…it’s just funny how many of them have gone “PRO”). Another thing I’ve noticed is just how many “mommies” are posting pictures of themselves in their bikinis for all the internet world to see. Yes, I’m slightly jealous/envious of their post-partum bods, but I’d like to think that even if I did wear a size 2 after having a baby, and I did choose to wear a bikini, I have a little too much modesty to post them on the internet.
Most of the comments under all of these pictures are of pure jealousy and how much they are “hated” for being so gorgeous and skinny…then the ‘owner’ of the picture comments back, “oh girl, you made my day. all I’ve eaten today is an apple and a diet coke, I feel so fat…” blah, blah, blah.
I do think that it is our job as women/wives/mommies to encourage each other, support each other, hold each other accountable, build each other up…but it doesn’t all have to be made public. We don’t have to SEE the fake boobs your hubby purchased for you a few years back to know that you are a beautiful and successful woman…and throwing your kids into the pic doesn’t make it any less obvious.
Let me also say that I am completely guilty of some of these things (not the skimpy pictures…because I have none! LOL!). I’ve posted plenty of status updates about my children’s accomplishments, where my hubby took me for dinner, a long-awaited girls’ night out, etc. It’s just the phoney stuff that cracks me up…like the perfectly POSED pictures that are claimed to be one of those ones the “hubby took while I wasn’t looking”….um, right.
There is nothing WRONG with anything that I’ve mentioned in this post. I just HAD to state the obvious…all in good fun. 🙂 Keep the entertainment coming!
Have an awesome weekend!!