So my day started off busy, as usual. By 11:00 I was rushing to the store to buy food I had volunteered to bring to a post-funeral meal at our church (not exactly something you can be late for!) A cop on a motorcycle followed me ALL THE WAY from the grocery store to the church parking lot (about 10 minutes!). I guess he was one of the scheduled escorts for the funeral, but good grief, he was making me nervous! As I zipped into the church parking lot to drop off the food, I instructed Joshua to lock the doors behind me as I ran inside for literally ten seconds. I hopped out of the car and all of the sudden, the car began to lurch forward into the bushes!!!!! Apparently, in all my stress and nerves from being in a hurry and being tailed by a cop, I forgot to put the van in PARK!?! Did I mention there were SEVEN cops in the church parking lot…all sitting outside their cars, watching the entire thing?! Well, the bushes were only slightly mangled and I dropped the food off and QUICKLY left the church before giving the cops a chance to decide whether or not I was an escaped mental patient. From there we drove through McDonalds to appease my three squirmy children, who would have much rather spent the day by the pool. As we sat in the drive-thru line, three fire trucks and another emergency vehicle flew by with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Of course, being the drama-loving, adventure-craving person that I am, I peeled out of that parking lot as if I were part of the rescue and proceeded to follow them!! They all turned down a street that, of course, was labeled “NO OUTLET”. Without hesitation, I followed them down that street as well. Unfortunately, there was no action to be seen. And even worse, there was no convenient place to turn around and when I did finally decide on the perfect driveway to make my U-turn, the firemen were all staring at me…waiting…so they, too, could turn their big huge trucks around. I thought for sure one of them was going to come over to my car and give me a tongue lashing for obviously following them down a dead end road just for the sake of being nosey. Luckily, I was wrong.
Today was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS.
It is 3:30pm. I need to cut Owen’s hair, give all three boys a bath, cut all of their nails (YUCK!), and somehow manage to get MYSELF in the shower and ready in the next TWO HOURS!?!
I better go.