Jesse was grinning from ear to ear as he climbed into the van with his book bag, lunch box, and his turtle Franklin (for “rest” time). He was so excited for his first day of kindergarten and never looked back after that sweet kiss good-bye.

July2009 014













Joshua was excited about starting first grade and using his Papa’s desk from when he was in grammar school. They had saved it in their attic and were pleased to let Joshua use it in our homeschool. I love this picture of Joshua because it captures the essence of our freedom in homeschooling. He has a mohawk, a collared shirt, untucked, and is barefooted in front of our dogwood tree.

We all had a great first day “back”. 🙂

July2009 015













Of course, being the sweet big brothers that they are, they both wanted pictures with their little brother Owen as well. Notice how they didn’t necessarily want pictures with EACHOTHER?? 🙂