I suppose I’m like every other mom when I start feeling like I NEVER have a day off.  The last three weeks have just about killed me with the early mornings (and late nights).  My kids have always been fantastic sleepers.  Even now, the big boys get up earlier than ever before (around 7 or 7:30am), but they’re self sufficient now, so they can get their own breakfast and entertain themselves until I get up.  But those days are LONG gone, as of three weeks ago, when Jesse started school.  The alarm goes off at 6am and Josh proceeds to push SNOOZE for the next thirty to forty five minutes!   Some days I literally want to cry as I hold my eye lids open and try to adjust to the bright lights of the bathroom.  Jesse is NOT a morning person and does NOT like to be woken up before the sun.  I try my hardest to maintain a cheerful disposition as I drag him out of bed and we begin the routine…

…needless to say, I was very much looking forward to sleeping in this morning…and I did.  I remember Owen coming in around 8:00am.  I had ear plugs in because Josh had been snoring last night, so I couldn’t really hear him, but he shoved a cup of yogurt in my face and for whatever reason (I guess I was still half asleep) I put it under my pillow and went back to sleep.  I think deep down, I was really nervous about what kind of mess I’d find if I opened it for him and let him wander around the house eating it by himself!!  Next thing I know, I smell cinammon rolls and Josh is jumping on the bed (yes, my husband) telling me “IT’S TIME TO GET UP!  IT’S ALMOST ELEVEN O’CLOCK!”  Thankfully, he was lying.  It was about 9:00am.  I felt like a new woman.  I think it took me another ten minutes to actually pull the ear plugs out and put my feet on the floor.  Our day was good.  Josh and the boys worked outside for a while.  He and the big boys went to Lowe’s while Owen and I went to Sam’s and Walmart.  It’s so funny how excited I can get to buy toilet paper and saline solution.  Last month was TIGHT to say the least.  Lots of expenses with school starting and wrapping up all the last details on the house for the foster children.  By the time the very end of the month rolled around (last week) I was putting $20 at a time in the gas tank and praying that we’d make it to Friday…pay day.  We made it and today we celebrated.  🙂  We bought our much needed toiletries, went to see “UP” at the dollar theater and then went out for pizza with friends.  The boys had a fun evening and were more than ready for bed when their heads hit the pillow at 8:00pm.  Now, it’s 9:30 and I’m trying to wrap things up so I don’t go to bed late, which seems to happen every single night, even though I talk about how badly I need to get into bed earlier!  All in all, we had a great Saturday.  I feel like we relaxed even though we stayed rather busy.  We were busy with what we wanted to do, not anything we HAD to do.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, is a very busy day and I will be looking forward to Monday and getting back to the same old, same old.