Monday, Monday, Monday. Something about that word just makes people shutter. 

I, for one, love Mondays…normally.  Today, not so much. 

Today marks the beginning of the second week of school. The first week was a total success all the way around. Jesse loved his first week of “real kindergarten” and Joshua had a wonderful week at home at our beloved “Wilkerson Academy”. LOL! 🙂
Today started off just like last Monday, minus all the excitement of the first day. I walked into the kitchen and realized the entire kitchen, dining room and living room smelled like a mixture of death and rotten trash. Hmmm, I guessed there was something nasty in the trash, so Josh took it out right away and I sprayed the rooms down with room spray. Breakfast, lunch packed, teeth brushed, check, check, and check! We were just about to head out the door to take Jesse to school. My husband was giving kisses good-bye and stopped in the kitchen to help Jesse button his shirt. I guess they started acting silly and Jesse turned to run away from Josh. The only problem is, he had his hands in his pockets and tripped. Josh says he hit his knees first, but all I recall is hearing a loud thud on our kitchen floor, as if someone had dropped a bowling ball, Jesse began screaming and as Josh swept him up into his arms, blood went everywhere. Apparently it was coming from his nose and was getting in his mouth, because the next thing I remember is someone turning on a bloody sprinkler in my kitchen as Jesse ‘blew’ the blood out of his mouth and all over me, the floor, my white cabinets, etc, etc. Not only was his nose gushing blood, he had the biggest goose egg I’d EVER seen on his forehead above his left eye. I’ve seen a LOT of goose eggs, large and small, colorful and not so much, but this one topped them all. I don’t know why, but I always tend to get angry in situations like this…I begin thinking, “Well, if you hadn’t been horsing around….GREAT, sixth day of school and we already have drama…Oh, this is going to look good three weeks before we receive our first foster placements…the list goes on and I really have to fight off my frustration and take care of the emergency at hand.
I loaded the boys into the car, called the school to inform them Jesse would be late, and headed for the doctor’s office. We were seen pretty quickly and luckily, everything checked out fine. No concussion, no broken nose, and then the doctor asks Jesse,

“Did the kitchen floor do this to you?”

Jesse replies, “no”

So the doc asks, “Oh, did you do this to yourself?”

Jesse says, “no”

then the doc asks, “well then who did it?”

and with a pitiful, wimpy voice Jesse responds, “Daddy did it.”


Luckily, we’ve been with this doc for decades and he just laughed and said to make sure I tell Josh what Jesse said.
I dropped Jesse off at school just before 9:00am. When we got home, I opened the front door and was smacked in the face by the STENCH of nastiness AGAIN!! My first thought was, “GREAT! Josh never took care of the squirrel that got in our attic during the construction of our addition, he died up there somewhere in the insulation and is now decaying and stinking up our entire house.”
I opened all of the windows in the house (even though it’s 90 degrees out with 500% humidity, if that’s possible) and turned the attic fan on to air out the house. I also went ahead and cleaned the kitchen really well, filled the sink with Pinesol, and double checked the fridge for any food that may be causing the smell.
I decided we could definitely not stay in our stinky house to do school, so we loaded up Joshua’s memory work, math books, and reading book and headed to the library. We had a great hour at the library. Owen played with puzzles and brought me about 97 books (none of which did he actually let me read with him!?) and Joshua completed his lessons for the day.
Thank the Lord, by the time we got home, my house had cooled back down and all I could smell was Pinesol. Hopefully that means it was just the lingering smell of the trash from a few hours before and the stench would not be returning.
What a day…and it’s only noon!
I will take a picture of Jesse goose egg when he gets home this afternoon.