Jesse was glowing from ear to ear on Monday when he hopped into the car and announced that he was “The Student of the Week!” As student of the week, Jesse had special priveledges in the classroom throughout the week, and the grand finale is being able to take ‘Leo the lion’, their class pet, home for the weekend. This just happens to be Labor Day weekend, so Jesse’s teacher reminded him all week how special it was that Jesse got to keep Leo an extra day. I’m thrilled that Jesse is off to a great year already. He’s excited about school each morning, comes home smiling most afternoons, and is more than ready for bed each evening.

As we drove home, Jesse had Leo buckled into his seat belt with him and Jesse announced, “Uh, oh, Leo just peed in the car!” LOL! Only Jesse would think to say something like that. He’s got a wild imagination and I look forward to our weekend adventure with Leo the lion. Hopefully we’ll return him to kindergarten on Tuesday morning with all four limbs still attached and no visible stains or offensive odors…you never know in our house! 🙂

Happy LONG Weekend Everyone!