The mid-afternoon sky was not very inviting on Sunday. This picture really doesn’t capture just how dark and purplish gray it looked. It was quite intimidating.





On Sunday night, I needed to go to the store but didn’t want to go alone, so I called my friend Kristen. Kristen has three kids also, except she had all three of hers in two years and they’re still all three and under…bless her heart! LOL! Kristen and I live about seven minutes from each other. It has become quite common for one of us to call the other with short notice and plan to meet up somewhere in the middle. There happens to be a Starbucks, a grocery store (with a Starbucks in it!), and a Target half way between us. I love our impromptu girly time. However, as she pulled up to my house Sunday night and I jumped into her car, I realized, it rains almost EVERY time we go out! And I don’t mean a little sprinkle…it rains HARD, with thunder and lightening. The kind of rain that produces large parking lot puddles where your toes get all wet and the bottom of your pants look like you’ve been walking along the beach! SO, I brought my camera. I knew it was going to be raining and I thought it would make a good post. First we went to Target to get Owen a halloween costume. We decided to stroll through the adult costume aisle, where we took our first picture… 🙂





Kristen grabbed the bumble bee and I grabbed the chicken. Yes, we got some strange looks. Grown women being silly with costumes and cameras in the middle of Target. 🙂 I found Owen a cute Woody costume from Toy Story. He has worn it every day since I brought it home and now he suddenly LOVES the movie and watches that as well, with his Woody and Buz toys sitting next to him.






I love my outings with Kristen. We always joke around about putting a diaper on before we go out together because we laugh so hard, there are many instances we have come darn close to wetting our pants. You know, it’s not as easy to hold it after having three kids…even if we are still in our twenties!! LOL! 🙂 I’m so thankful for my girl friends and the laughter therapy we get from each other. By the time I get home we’ve laughed so long and hard that either my cheeks hurt or my stomach is sore. It’s great!