My five year old never ceases to amaze me. Between his tantrums, whining, complaining, etc, etc, he is always pushing my buttons and testing my patience. However, with the bad, comes an abundance of good. I would say about 75% of the laughs in our house, on any given day, are a result of Jesse. Something he has said, something he has done; he is SO goofy! He’s even been known to make up songs about his favorite foods. We joke around that he could be the next Dr.Suess because he speaks Zinglish (NOT English, just his own little language); making everything rhyme, and creating silly, new words everyday. So, last night, as Josh and I were tucking them in and saying their prayers, Jesse was looking for his teddy bear. He hasn’t slept with a teddy bear in a long time, but apparently he had one at my parents’ house and they let him take it home with him the last time he was there. So we’re all getting quiet and ready for prayers, and Jesse yells out in frustration, “WHERE IS MR. FATTY!?” I busted out laughing, followed by Josh. Mr.Fatty? I mean, that’s a great name for this big, fluffy bear, but I would never have expected a five year old to name his teddy bear Mr. Fatty. It still makes me smile, just thinking about it. As long as I am never MRS. FATTY, we’re good.

Happy Monday ya’ll!!