Last Friday, Jesse’s class took a field trip to the Fire Department. They had a lot of fun learning about fire safety and getting to touch all of the cool gear, tools, bells, and whistles. Josh was able to attend this field trip with me, so that was sweet and Jesse really enjoyed Daddy being there. 🙂





After the Fire Department, the parents met the kids at one of our local parks for a picnic. Being the ever-efficient, not-always-domestic mom that I am, I drove thru Sonic on my way to the park and picked up grilled cheese sandwiches for me and mine. Another novelty from Sonic is Rootbeer. My kids don’t get soda very often, so whenever we go to Sonic, they all three get Rootbeer. Unfortunately, there were lots of little bumble bees all around the picnic area at the park. The children ate quickly and scurried off to the play ground. I wish I had gotten a picture of Josh helping each and every kid from their class go across the monkey bars. It reminded me of Eddie Murphy in Daddy Day Care when he has to do “rocket ship” with all of the kids…it was hilarious and sweet. Anyways, at the end, we were gathering our things to leave so we passed back through the picnic area and Jesse grabbed his Rootbeer to bring in the car. Next thing I know, he’s SCREAMING and his cup is on the ground. Apparently there was more than one bumble bee on his cup and even one IN his straw. He got stung, not once, but twice. Once on his cheek and once on his bottom lip. He was absolutely pitiful and inconsolable for about 15 minutes.



What a way to end a perfectly good field trip on a Friday afternoon! I’m just SO thankful he is not allergic to bees. Up until this point, I wouldn’t have known one way or another.

He’s fine now. 🙂