Although I don’t care to hear the alarm clock go off at 7:00am on Saturday morning, it’s been a fun and full day so far and it’s only 1:50pm. I had to be at the church this morning at 8:00am to decorate the sanctuary for a wedding and then I went to a baby shower at 10:00am. By the time the shower was over, it was POURING rain. I ran to the car and got home (a little soggy) just in time to see my husband out the door and on his way to film two weddings. Thankfully, the rain let up and I put Owen down for a nap right after lunch. The big boys asked to ride their bikes out front, which turned into playing in the puddles. Usually the puddle in our driveway is HUGE, but it didn’t rain for very long this morning. It was just enough to splash around in and I believe at one point I heard Jesse say, “Ahh, it’s time for a nice cool bath.”…and he laid completely flat in the muddy puddle. 🙂

Now, I’m sitting at the computer eating an egg and cheese sandwich (my fave these days!) and I’m trying to get up the courage to tackle re-organizing the garage. I must have more useable space in there, but things need to be rearranged and purged. If I can find new batteries for my camera, I’ll take a before and after of the garage. Yikes.