I’m sitting here with my jammies on.  My throat hurts, my glands are swollen, and if you saw my hair…well, you’d think I spent a lot of money on a scarey halloween wig!  I’m hoping a little blogging will be just what I need to give me that boost to get off my butt, get in the shower, and make it to the doctor on time this morning.  🙁 

I have been so incredibly inspired by Nesting Place as she is finishing up a series entitled “31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest.”  Each day she has encouraged and inspired me to make changes around my home.  Some big, some small, but ALL of them are reasonable and attainable changes with the purpose of making my home, or my ‘nest’ as she likes to call it, beautiful and personal.  I’m a “list-maker” and a “goal-setter”, but often I need an extra push to get the creative juices flowing and finally get the ball rolling to see these projects through to completion.  Here are some examples:

*I want to paint my old brown china hutch.  I want to paint it white and add beautiful clear knobs and pulls.  I want to fill the glass shelves with unique, colorful items that reflect ME and not just items that didn’t find a home anywhere else in my kitchen cabinets.

*I want to paint my master bedroom a lighter color and replace my old, hideous ceiling fan with an elegant and eclectic chandelier.

*I want to revamp ALL the closets in my house to reflect my love and passion for organization.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re all organized now, but it doesn’t take long for organization to start resembling chaos when ten other hands are constantly in and out of those closets! 

*I need to get back in the habit of continuously purging items in my home that no longer reflect the goals we have for our home.  Whether it be clothing, toys, furniture, dishes, etc.

*I have to take one project at a time and make sure it is realistic.  I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them because of time or money. 


So, all that said, I encourage you to go through your home and make a list of all the things you’d like to change, improve, add to, remove, etc.  Type your list and hang it somewhere so you’ll see it often.  Begin to tackle those items one by one until you’ve transformed your house into your dream home.  There is no reason what-so-ever that you can’t make the home you’re in now, your dream home.  When we bought THIS house, it was NOT my dream home.  It was anywhere but my in-law’s garage apartment and that made it PERFECT!  Slowly, we’ve made it our own.  I wish so badly that I had before pictures of every room in this house.  Oh well.  Even the front and back yards need to be made over occasionally.  Afterall, the front yard is the first thing anyone sees of your home!  It would be like losing a bunch of weight, getting a great new hair cut, and buying a new wardrobe….but never actually getting out of your sweats, putting make-up on, and doing your hair!  The outside DOES matter.  It’s amazing what a lawn mower, a weed eater, and a broom can do for the front of your house. 

Okay, that was just what I needed.  Thanks!  🙂


Have a Terrific Tuesday!!