You like that? 

I just wasn’t feeling like Wordless Wednesday, so I createdWordy Wednesday

Wow, the word “WORD” just turned into one of those words that looks like it’s misspelled because I looked at it and typed it so many times.  Thank goodness for!  🙂 HAHA!!

Well, after almost seven years and three kids, we’re just now experiencing our first case of croup.  Owen is the croupy one.  He woke up from his nap yesterday with a 103 fever and a nasty cough that he couldn’t control.  His voice was extremely horse and his breathing looked labored.  Thankfully, this happened about an hour before our pediatrician’s after hours clinic opened, so I called Josh, asked him to come home a little early, and I took Owen to the doctor.  Wouldn’t you know, OUR doctor just happened to be doing the clinic that night.  God is so good.  He took one listen to that cough and confirmed my wondering.  Being the ‘veggie juicing, anti-drugs, natural cures preferring’ mom that I am, I reluctantly took the prescription for oral steroids and left the office having no intention of filling it.  I did end up filling it and Josh picked it up for me, but I didn’t give Owen any last night.  It was a last resort if we had a bad night that I couldn’t handle and if Owen got worse.  My biggest fear was the unknown.  We’d never experienced croup before and I’d heard horror stories of trips to the ER in the middle of the night with blue-faced children that couldn’t breathe!  Thankfully, with a humidifier and prayers from Mommy, Daddy, Joshua, and Jesse, Owen slept through the night!  He still sounds pretty pitiful with his soft, raspy voice and he still woke up with a fever, but all in all, I’m glad I held off on the steroids.




My house is a wreck! The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, the sink is full of dirty dishes, there are dirty clothes in pretty much EVERY room of the house. The floors need to be mopped, the toilets need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be put away, and yesterday’s school work is still spread out all over the kitchen table (yes, we ate in the living room last night! *GASP*!
Now, I’m going to put a movie on for Joshua and Owen so I can clean this pig sty and watch it slowly transform back into my nice, tidy, good-smelling, everything-in-it’s-place, home sweet home. 🙂 That’s going to take a lot of pine-sol and elbow grease. I better get a move on!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

P.S. Is it bad that I secretly leapt inside when the doctor said we HAD to stay home from church tonight?! 🙂 More time for cleaning and cuddling! 🙂