We are all stewards. Some of us are good stewards, some not so good. Most people think of stewardship in terms of money, but it can really be applied to much more than that. I learned a lot about myself when our family did our one week fast from television and computer. I was absolutely amazed at how productive I was that week. I went from one thing to the next without even thinking about it and rarely did I stop, sit, and do nothing like I would have if I’d had the TV on. It showed me that I am regularly a bad steward of my time at home.

I was reading 4 Little Men and Girly Twins and someone did a guest post a few days ago, asking readers for monetary help for Brittany and her family (the blogger of 4 Little Men…).  Her story is heart wrenching, but I was shocked at the number of people who chose to leave cruel and hideous comments.  People accused her of wasting her money on fancy, expensive clothing for children (which they didn’t realize had either been given to them for free or purchased at a thrift store) and spending too much money on groceries so her family could eat organically (when in reality, they haven’t eaten organically in months).  But the bottom line is, it’s none of their business.  No one was forced to donate money to her family.  Brittany and her husband did not choose, nor did they expect, to be unemployed with six children to clothe and feed.  People even made comments like, “you should think about these kinds of situations before you choose to bring six children into the world!”  That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.  When you are in a situation like they are in currently, it really doesn’t matter if you have one child or seven children.  No money is no money.  It only takes an extra dollar to feed six children  rice and beans. 

I know without a doubt that the Lord is going to provide for this family.  God’s word says we reap what we sow, but that doesn’t mean every hard time is the result of bad choices.  Often, it is a test of faith, and we are given the opportunity to stay focused on our Ultimate Provider, or on our current, fleeting circumstances.

The bottom line is, we ALL go through seasons of being in need at some point in our lives.  Whether it is a need for money, love, relationship, mercy; it’s all the same to God.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  What is too big for Him!?  His mercies are new every single morning.  Each morning we’re given a new opportunity to be good stewards of our money, our time, our words, our talents. 

Next time you find yourself saying, “there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done!”, stop and think about exactly how you spend every day.  Could you get up an  hour earlier?  Could you cut out a few TV shows?  Could you skip blogging for a few days **ouch!**?  There are always areas we could squeeze a little tighter or sacrifice a little more.  I want to challenge you to be aware of your stewardship.  God loves a cheerful giver and that doesn’t just apply to money!  Take note of how much more you are blessed with time, resources, money, etc when you purpose to be a good steward in everything that He has already blessed you with.

I couldn’t resist posting this little picture. As moms, aren’t we frequently joking about our lack of sanity or mental stability? 🙂 This is for you! Haha!


Happy Friday!!!