Our first weekend went better than I could’ve ever asked or hoped for. I’m so humbled and amazed at the outpouring of encouragement, support, offers of clothing, meals, and even help for Christmas. God is so good and He continues to provide for our every need.

By the third night, all three children went to sleep with nothing but smiles. Church was fantastic yesterday morning. Everyone received our new children with open arms and lots of love. The kids seem to feel very safe and content in our home, which is exactly what we’ve prayed for.

Our kids haven’t missed a beat either. I even dared to ask Jesse this morning if he was still glad that our foster children have finally arrived. His response was, “Can they please stay forever?” What a relief.

This morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep after Josh left for work at 5:15am, so I got up and tackled the five loads of clean laundry scattered throughout my room in baskets. Done.

At six o’clock on the dot, I could hear my coffee pot calling me as the sweet, bold aroma crept under my door, as if to remind me, “it’s Monday morning, better fuel up!” Unfortunately, I am disappointed in the Hazlenut Biscotti creamer I bought at the grocery store over the weekend; it has a wierd after taste. I guess it’s back to french vanilla for now.

Which brings me to another weekend discovery. It appears, adding three children to your household, also means doubling your grocery bill. I went to Sam’s and Walmart yesterday. I was gone for three hours. I seriously only bought the necessities. Two weeks worth of meals and snacks. Six months ago, I could buy groceries for two weeks for $150. Yesterday’s grand total was $280 (including a large box of Pull-ups). Yikes!! Not to mention, I got it all home, and we didn’t even have room in our freezer. Please pray that God will provide a freezer for our garage. There is one at Sam’s for $175. I’m selling some scrap gold/jewelry at a gold party on Wednesday and I’m praying I make enough to buy the freezer.

God has already provided a dresser for baby girl’s room and Josh bought a new door last night to begin our office transformation for her. It sure is fun having a sweet little girl in our house.

The boys are doing great. Everyone plays together very well. The noise level in our house has officially gone through the roof. I had to step into the garage last night to finish a conversation on the phone!

I have to register biggest brother at his new school today. I’m praying for a godly teacher and great new friends. He’s a precious young man.

On a side note, since the kids have arrived, I have felt somewhat like the wind has been knocked out of my sails in regards to our ‘normal routine’. However, Saturday night, after all of the children were in bed, including my poor, exhausted husband, I got a second wind and was able to make four loaves of bread, clean up the kitchen, do two loads of laundry, and wax my eyebrows!

Suddenly, I felt like a new woman!

I CAN do this. I can do ALL things through Christ.

He has given me everything I need for THIS day. His grace is sufficient.

Happy Monday!