I’ve never loved Mondays quite as much as I do now.

Weekends are hectic and it’s quite a challenge keeping six kids active and occupied so they don’t kill each other. 🙂

Sundays are good. Church, a liesurely lunch, rest, and family time before bed.

Ah, but Mondays. Mondays are still my favorite. Like a blank sheet of paper, I get to start a new week, fresh and clean. I leave the worries of last week behind and set my sights on the potential that lies ahead.

Today will be filled with laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. You know, I do at least three loads a day and I have yet to see a house full of empty laundry baskets! How is that?

I run the dishwasher twice a day and I do so many pots and pans by hand that my fingers a cracking.

I’m in a routine now, fluently moving from one task to the next. School work, meals, cleaning, snacks, laundry, errands, picking up kids from school. Somehow we’re making it work.

Someone said to me at church yesterday, “I’ve heard once you have three children, it’s no big deal adding more. Have you found that to be true?”

Um, no! I think that only applies when you add them one at a time, from birth! Haha! Doubling your children over night is not quite as simple. 🙂

Okay, time to add fabric softener and get Joshua started on his school work.

Happy Monday!