I think we’ve come over an important ‘hump’ in our transition period. I feel like we’re out of survival mode and slipping nicely into a routine.

Saturday, when I finally stated to feel better and began cleaning like crazy, I noticed that the boys’ bathroom (used by four little boys who rarely AIM!) smelled DISGUSTING! I mean seriously, WHERE is that SMELL coming from?? I cleaned the bathroom like I normally would (toilet, sink, mirror, bath/shower, floor) and it STILL smelled like PEE!! YUCK!! SOOooo, I took down the shower curtain and threw it in the wash, along with the big rug in front of their sink. Amazing! It smells SO much better in there now!

If I could just get the four year old to pee IN the toilet instead of ON it!

It’s the end of our first ‘month’ and I have TONS of paperwork to fill out for the kids. I didn’t realize how much ‘red tape’ you have to push through each and every month.

I have several people that have offered to ‘get cleared’ to babysit for us, through the foster agency, but I just found out they each have a whole packet of paperwork, clearances, and tests (medical/drug) to pass/complete before anyone can babysit for us. Good grief, we may not have a date night for a very long time. I already can’t remember the last one.

Errands to run, people to pick up, etc, etc.

Happy Monday!