As I woke up this morning, day two of only having three children in my house, I had a renewed sense of peace. Yesterday was very hard. I was reduced to tears in Jesse’s class when a sweet little five year old girl approached me and said, “Mrs.Audrey, I really like your earrings and your eye shadow…and your shirt.” I smiled and said, “Thank you Baylee; pink is my favorite color!” She got a big smile on her face, leaned toward my ear with bright eyes and whispered, “Mine too!” My eyes welled up with tears and I had to leave the room for a moment.

What in the world was that all about?

Was it because my little Baby Girl took a piece of my heart with her as I loaded her into the case worker’s car on Monday? That sweet little girl that couldn’t speak but sure knew how to love. I miss her crazy hair, toothy grin, and the way she’d hold on ever so tightly, with her head planted on my shoulder everytime I picked her up, as if she knew she was safe in my arms. I also miss this:

12152009 001

She and Josh had a sweet, special bond and I know he misses her too. In fact, he stuck his bottom lip out last night as he walked into the office/Baby Girl’s room. Sad. I miss Baby Girl.

Even little Owen asked Monday night, on our way to church,

“Mama? *Baby here?” *of course, he said her name*

“No honey, she’s not here.”

“Oh”, he said, “She’s in Daddy’s truck?”

“No baby, she had to go bye-bye.”

He then proceeded to ask the very same questions about Four Year Old and Biggest Brother as well. We all miss them.


I got bit by something in the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday and woke up with a bite on my left forearm Sunday morning. Every day since then, it has gotten larger and has continued to burn and swell. My mom is a wound nurse, so I sent her this picture and she sent me right to the doctor.

12152009 003

They said it’s either a bite from a poisonous bug, or I’m just having a bad reaction to whatever bit me. I’M STILL FREAKIN’ OUT AT THE FACT THAT WHATEVER BIT ME, BIT ME IN MY BED!!! GROSS!!!

They gave me some oral antihistamines and marked me up with a sharpie so we could tell if it continues to grow. If it gets worse, continues to grow in size, or if I start displaying any other symptoms, I’ll have to do a round of antibiotics and just pray it’s not a flesh-eating infection. HAHA!

Check out this absolutely adorable picture of my big baby boy at the doctor’s office. They did so well while we waited and waited.

12152009 011

P.S. I’m hoping to put my hubby to work over Christmas break, by redesigning my website. I’m not doing any professional organizing right now and I don’t see myself having time for it in the near future either, so I’d rather the focus of my website be redirected to my blog. I’d like my blog to be the home page of my site and I’d like to brighten it up a little. We’ll see what he can come up with.

Christmas is TEN DAYS away!!