My boys seem to have a favorite Christmas song this year and I love it!

“It’s Called Christmas With a Capital “C

Toward the end of the song, the guy says something about how Christianity is the religious heritage of our country and if you don’t like it, “PUT A HELMET ON!  IT’S MY COUNTRY TOO!”

So I laughed out loud when I was leaving the grocery store this morning and I heard Owen say, in his sweet little two year old voice,

“It’s MY country too!”

…last night, Josh took our three boys to my in-laws’ to visit Josh’s grandma who is in town through Christmas.  She hasn’t seen the boys in over a year.  I decided I didn’t want to risk the stress of uncertain behaviour from Biggest Brother, so I stayed home with them.  It was a good decision.  Josh and the boys had a nice quiet evening at Mimi’s and I had a nice, uneventful evening at the house with ‘our other three’. 

I decided to color my hair last night after I put Baby Girl in bed.  My plan was to color my hair darker than usual and then pull it through a cap and highlight it.  I know, I’m so cheap.  I’ve only had my hair colored ‘professionally’ twice in my life and it was discounted both times.  It’s just TOO expensive.  Well, the first color came out nicely, but as I suspected, it was pretty dark.  Too dark to leave it by itself, with no highlights.  So I opened up the highlight kit to get started.  UNFORTUNATELY, someone had already STOLEN the cap out of the box! 

Uh oh.

Josh is not a fan of the dark-haired me.  I am a blonde and he prefers it that way.  🙂  My plan was to wait until this morning and I’d run to the store and get a new kit with a pull-through cap.  Go figure, Josh didn’t even notice that I’d colored my hair TWO LEVELS darker than my natural color.  I had it pulled back in a pony tail.  So when I got back from the store with the highlighting kit, I said, “Did you even notice that I colored my hair??”

He looked over at me and said,



Gee, thanks for noticing honey.

I’m looking forward to the final outcome.  I may even wax my eyebrows today.  A nice Saturday of cleaning and grooming and pampering….between diaper changes, bickering, and time-outs.


Have a marvelous Saturday!!