Of course we’ve all heard of, and some have experienced first hand, the Terrible Two’s.  It’s like someone whispers in your sweet little 24 month old’s ear,

“okay little buddy, you just turned two, time to let it rip!  you’ve got at least 12 months to go buck wild and get into anything and everything you can.  hurry up and get started! …oh, and you should add a little attitude too!”

SSOOOoooo…Ashley and I have had two, two year olds this year and it’s been loads of fun, lots of laughs, and definitely never a dull moment.  Today alone, Jonathan and Owen gave me more than enough material to make a great post on our adventures with two, two year olds.

First there was this:

December2009 001

I opened the fridge to put some groceries away and I found five cars on top of the turkey lunchmeat.  See, Joshua and Jesse both got a new ‘color shifter’ hot wheels car.  The kind that change color if you dip them in cold water (or put them in the fridge for a little bit).  I guess Owen had seen them do this before and thought that surely ALL hot wheels change color if you store them in the fridge…hence the refrigerated hot wheels.  He was disappointed when I made him take all of them out and explained that HIS hot wheels would not change color. 

After lunch, I decided to make some coffee.  I figured Owen and Jonathan would get a kick out of me squirting some whipped cream in their mouths, so I called them into the kitchen.  I squirted just a little in both of their mouths and watched them giggle and enjoy their little treat….until I turned back around as I heard Ashley gasp…Jonathan decided he didn’t want his whipped cream, but figured Owen would like it, so he spit his out (sort of in the shape of an egg), gave it to Owen, and Owen gladly accepted and put it in his mouth…BARF!!!  If only they could share their toys as well as they share spit, germs, and other gross bodily fluids.

Ashley and I were finally relaxing in the living room, each holding a twin while the bigger kids played outside.  We could hear Owen and Jonathan playing well together in one of the bedrooms, so we weren’t concerned.  I got up to check on them a few minutes later and I found Jonathan STANDING on top of the chest of drawers in the guest room!!  I gasped and said very sternly, “JONATHAN, GET DOWN!”  With not an ounce of fear, he looked up at me with a huge Curious George smile and HURLED himself onto the nearest bed.  Ironically, Jonathan probably gets hurt the least out of all six of the bigger kids.  How he manages that; I’ll never know.

We had a blast with the Baileys and the Grahams today.  We had lunch together, the kids played outside, and they each made a hand print ornament (three days before Christmas).  Here are Joshua, Jesse, and Owen’s finished products:

December2009 002


I’ve had a few people ask how my arm is doing (thank you for asking!), so here is a picture from today:

December2009 003

My arm is 90% better!  All the swelling is gone and I couldn’t drain anything else out of it by Saturday.  The center is still red and peeling and there is still a small knot under the skin, but I’m pretty sure the infection is over and gone.  That was a strange experience that I hope to never repeat.  yuck.

 Merry Christmas everyone!!  I know I’ll be writing that again over the next three or four days, but I just had to say it.  I feel like I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit…with only four days left to enjoy it.  oh well.  such is life.