I can’t believe this is my first post since last Friday!? What has gotten into you woman??
I have really been in a funk lately. I’m tired, irritable, and just down right blah. I’m trying to push through it, but it’s definitely been tough. I just feel run down. I can’t even completely explain it. No, I am definitely not pregnant. I know I should be going to bed earlier than I do most nights, but I’ve just been getting lost in the stack of books on my bed side table. I’ll start off excited that I’m in bed at 8:45pm. I’ll pick up a book, read for a while, move to another book for several chapters, put that one down to write down a recipe or add something to tomorrow’s to-do list, and suddenly is 11:30pm!! Oops.

My friend Kelli asked her friends/readers to share what they are reading and she did a post on several books that her family is reading at the moment. I love seeing what other people are reading and why. It’s a great way to find new books that you didn’t even know existed!

Right now there is a small stack of books on my bed side table. I recently borrowed The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook from a friend.

I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!! You would think, “how exciting can a cookbook possibly be??” but let me tell you, you must have this cookbook! She tells stories, shares her family, has magnificent photography from their ranch sprinkled throughout the colorful pages, and the best part is, each and every recipe has step-by-step photographic instructions. In my opinion, there has never been a greater cookbook. I loved it so much after flipping through it once, that I’ve already gotten two other copies. The first copy was for my sweet cousin, Liza, who graciously opened her home to me while I was in Arkansas for my grandmother’s funeral. Her husband is a chef and I thought they’d enjoy the book. Secondly, when I got home from Arkansas, I realized that SOMEONE (I seriously don’t know who) got water all over the kitchen counter, the water seemed to have slowly made it’s way to a small stack of books and papers and never got cleaned up. The BORROWED cookbook was on the bottom of that soggy pile!?!! SOOooo, I had to go out and buy my friend a new copy. She’ll never know…unless she has started reading my blog and I don’t know it. Hmm. I was secretly VERY excited to have to go out and buy her a new copy so I could keep the damaged one. The only thing wrong with it is the beautiful book jacket is wrinkled now because it got wet. The book itself is just as good as new. If you want it, buy it at Walmart!! $19.99. I don’t know if they carry it at Sam’s Club, but I’m sure it would be even cheaper there if they do. I found a copy at Border’s because our Walmart didn’t have any, but I paid $28!! Yuck!

Wow, that was a large paragraph for a cookbook.

Anyways, I’m also reading Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue.

Being a multi-tasking, passionate, strong mother of three, I really fell in love with Sarah Palin on the campaign trail. I know many people had many emotions and feelings towards her, and I’m not going to get into politics, but her book is excellent. I’m barely half way through it and I haven’t really even gotten into the ‘political stuff’ yet. She’s an excellent writer and storyteller; not to mention an amazing woman with a fascinating family history. I’ll definitely be sharing this one when I’m finished.

I found a Children’s World Atlas book at Border’s last night for $5.99. It’s huge; probably 11″x14″ Joshua has new geography memory work every week and I’ve been looking for something other than a large map on the wall to help him identify and enjoy his geography work.

Several times a year, I go back to my little book that I received in the mail almost two years ago when I first began homeschooling. It is “Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit“, by Terri Maxwell.

This little book packs a lot of punch and always, without fail, puts me back in my place and helps me get refocused on why I’m doing this hard thing that is homeschooling. If you homeschool and have never read this book, it’s a must buy. It’s only $7 on their website and it’s worth every penny. They have several excellent books and materials for homeschooling families. Check out their site.

I’m not reading any chapter books with the kids right now, but we’ll be starting one/some soon. Our lack of cable has gently forced us back into an evening routine of bath time, games, and stories before bed. Not that we didn’t do those things when we did have cable, but it’s different somehow, when you know there really is nothing else to do. I’m loving it. We may even go to the library today so we can find a few new books to read this month. I’ve always found it important to read chapter books to my children at an early age. In this generation of over-stimulated, over-entertained, lazy, self-centered children, I want mine to love and appreciate the arts. I want my children to grow up craving the next great book. And certainly I want them to love the word of God. We read Little House in the Big Woods last year, so we may pick up the next one in the series. I’d also like to find a book that tells stories of missionary families. We had Hero Tales with our Sonlight curriculum, but I sold that last year. Do you know of any or do you have any must reads that you recommend for children? Do share!