I had an appointment with my new endocrinologist on Monday to get the results of my lab work. My thyroid levels have continued to remain completely normal since my surgery last March, which is awesome, however, it was also very frustrating because of the way I’ve been feeling lately. He did, however, see that some of my vitamin levels, vitamin D in particular, are quite low. As a result, I’m now taking a children’s multi-vitamin and I’m also taking the kids’ Juice Plus+. Someone recommended the children’s multi-vitamin gummies because they taste great, you don’t have to swallow a pill, and they’re absorbed into your system faster. They taste just like regular gummie bears and there are only 15 calories for two. I take three to make sure I’m getting the recommended values for adults. I’m excited to see if these two changes/additions will help me start feeling better.

Oh CRAP, I hear the trash truck coming down the street and Josh forgot to take the trash to the curb last night! UGHH! Better run.