Last Thursday, it rained and rained and rained, all day long. It was awesome. I took the boys to the library and when we got home, we all got back into our jammies and piled into my bed to read and do school work. Even when we finished Joshua’s school work, we stayed in bed and Joshua drew pictures and read his Science Encyclopedia while I read my new library book, “The Well-Educated Mind”.

It’s a great book on learning the classical model as an adult. Hopefully it will help me as I teach my boys classically at home. That reminds me, in efforts to be on top of things this year, I already sent in our registration and tuition for our local classical co-op for the fall. I’m very excited since we missed it last year. I think the added accountability and structure will be a good transition for Jesse as he goes from real school to homeschooling again. We’re all really looking forward it. Our relaxing, rainy day made me even more excited about having everyone home next year.

Joshua likes to doing copy work. This particular day, he learned about the moon.

It was a little treat having Jesse home for one more day while he made it to 24 hours with no fever and no meds.

Jesse was home from school on Friday and today with a virus. His fever got up to 104.7 on Saturday night. It was crazy. I let him fall asleep in my bed. I don’t know why, but I always remember my parents’ bed making me feel just a little bit better when I was sick.

Here we are, another Monday. Can you believe this is the last Monday in January!? This month has flown by. How are you doing on your goals for 2010? Don’t let it be one of those years where you sprint to the finish in December because you slacked off during the other 11 months. Make it a nice steady marathon. For us, this year will be full of new financial discipline, hopefully welcoming two little girls into our family, and just learning how to relax and enjoy our time at home. We stay way too busy and I’ve come to really appreciate my time at home with the boys during the day…even the rough days. 🙂

Today is Potty Training Boot Camp: Day One. Owen has done exceptionally well. I’ve had him in a pull-up all day because I’m not real fond of cleaning up urine (it’s even worse when you can’t find where he peed!!). He hasn’t had a single pee-pee accident today. The ONE time I let him go 30 minutes with no pull-up, I found poop at the bottom of his pant leg, which fortunately was the kind of pant leg that had elastic on the bottom, so the poop was contained. Other than that, I’d consider day one a success. I do NOT plan to buy another package of pull-ups. By Wednesday, I’m putting him in big boy underwear. I don’t play around with the potty training. All or nothing baby, and we’re going all the way this time…especially with the prospect of two more bottoms to diaper in the near future.

Happy Monday!