Down another 1.5 lbs. for week four. Now that my soreness has subsided and our fasting is over, I’ll get back to Jillian next week. 🙂

Things are looking good for next week. I’m still praying that those girls will be in our arms by the weekend. I’ll know more on Thursday or Friday. Please keep praying!!

Josh and I have had an excellent, kid-free weekend. Worship Friday night with Lindell Cooley was awesome. He’ll actually be at church with us this morning because of the massive snow and ice in Nashville, so that is exciting. Josh and I had a great day together yesterday. We slept in until 10:30 (holy moly!!), had a very late breakfast and went to the mall. We almost NEVER spend money when we go to the mall. We just love to window shop and walk leisurely through all of our favorite stores.  Last night was Josh’s company’s annual party.  It was at a cute little place downtown called “Casa Blanca”.  It’s cute because it is in the lower section of the old White’s Building and now it’s called Casa Blanca (white house).  We had a fun time with his boss and coworkers.  What a blessing it is to work with people you like and love what you do and actually enjoy spending time with your coworkers outside of the office.  Indeed, we are blessed.

We pick the boys up this afternoon and have one more little sha-bang before our weekend ends.  We’re going to a couple’s house from church this evening after our Financial Peace class.  There will be other young(er) adults and married couples there and we’ll have finger foods and lots of laughs I’m sure.

Thank you Lord for weekends of intense worship, refreshing laughter, and sweet times with ones we love.  You are a good, good God!