Maybe it’s a psychological thing, but I do feel a change in my mood and my overall well-being since I’ve been taking vitamins and Juice Plus+ the last few days. On top of that, I’m down another pound this week. It certainly isn’t a big pretty number, but as I said in the first post: One pound a week will still add up to 52 lbs. in a year, so I’m aiming for a pound a week and anything more than that will be just awesome! I’ve been doing terrible on exercising consistently, so that is my goal for next week: EXERCISE!!

Now, for the really important stuff:

We got a call from our foster agency on Thursday afternoon. We’ve been presented with the opportunity to receive two little girls into our home and we’ve accepted. We would love for them to be a part of our family, but most of all, it’s important that they stay safe and are in a loving home. I don’t even know their names but I would love to have you pray as we wait. We’ll update next week when we hear something.

Happy Weekend Everyone!