Not sure if I mentioned that Joshua was throwing up last Saturday night. Josh stayed home from church with him the next day and I prayed no one else would get it. Well, last night, Jesse didn’t want to eat dinner and was complaining of a tummy ache. He fell asleep on the couch and I was going to let him stay there since I had already prepared a little trash can beside him and if he did get sick, it wouldn’t disturb the rest of the kids. About an hour later, everyone in the house was asleep but me. I went back into the living room to get my Bible study book and noticed that Jesse was asleep sitting up. He was laying down when he fell asleep. I went over to the couch to lay him back down and I noticed puke. EVERYWHERE. Puke on the couch, the blankets, his pillow, his clothes…he hadn’t even woken up!! GROSS!!!!!! I know I’ve mentioned before, I CANNOT clean up puke. I can do poop all day long, but I cannot do puke. I will puke.

So, I had to wake up my husband who was in bed at 8:45pm because he had a fever. Just for the record, I tried to do it myself, but Josh heard me gagging and dry heaving from the bathroom.
We got Jesse all cleaned up, Josh stripped two of the cushion covers off of the couch (I pray they make it through the wash!), and we settled Jesse back to sleep on the love seat.

Then the fun really began. **can you sense my sarcasm?** We finally got back into bed around 10pm and within 30 minutes, the two babies began waking up crying. They don’t want food, juice, bottles, etc, they just wake up screaming and one of us has to put the paci back in the mouth of who ever is crying and normally they go right back down….except this night, they woke up over 15 times. This is not an exaggeration. I saw every single hour on the clock; many more than once. It was truly a night from hell, and those are the nights you just have to keep saying, “Thank you Lord for healthy babies. Thank you that I have the ability to wake up every 30-45 minutes to take care of these babies. Thank you that they are in a safe, warm bed. And thank you for a husband that helps in the middle of the night!”

Poor Josh is back in bed at the moment. He has a 3:00 meeting this afternoon, so he’s trying to get some rest and hoping his fever doesn’t come back.

Please, please, please pray that none of the other children get this stomach bug! I’m not sure we can take another night like that. Ironically, I prayed over the babies last night before putting them to bed…it was their worst night yet!! I’ll definitely pray harder tonight! Haha!