This is my best, non-living friend.  His name is Dymo.  He is a $20 label maker.

As I sat on my office floor Saturday morning with hundreds and hundreds of papers dated 2003-present, I felt confident, with Dymo in my hand, knowing that everything was going to end up with a proper home…and label.

I’ve been using Dymo for years now.  He has clearly labeled a home for hundreds of items in my house.  I rest assured, when I leave my house and my children in someone else’s hands, they will have no trouble at all, finding anything they need!

Dymo, thank you for your continued faithful service in my quest to organize the entire world.  Here is some of his work:

Rather than using new manila folders for my new files, I simply printed labels and stuck them over the old hand-written ones.

This is my favorite label for the game closet. This is where all of the boys’ card games go, but it is also where we put miscellaneous game pieces when they show up on the bathroom floor, or in a baby’s mouth. LOL!

This is one of my ‘most used’ labeled containers. The top drawer, in case you can’t read it clearly, is labeled “School Supplies”, the second drawer is “Office Supplies” and the third drawer is “Personal Toiletries.” When I run out of my favorite lotion, I check the third drawer to see if, just maybe, I stocked up the last time it went on sale…9 times out of 10, I find what I’m looking for. This is also where I keep extra toothbrushes, deodorant, toiletry items for a guest, etc. I love it!

I suppose that’s enough for now.

A Dymo label maker is kind of like a toaster; you may only use it every once in a while, but every household should have one!