I can’t believe the ‘new children’ have been here six days already. If we can just get past the first ten days, that seems to be when things start feeling normal. Baby Bear slept 13 hours straight last night!! If only we can get Brother Bear (1yr old) to do the same! Ugh.

Sister is very helpful with her brothers. She’s warming up to us, slowly but surely.

Josh has been the most uncomfortable this time. It’s definitely different with two babies, but I’m still banking on the fact that the extra work with babies far out-weighs the extra drama with older children! I’m enjoying these children. Tomorrow will start our new routine when I register Sister for school and get back to schooling Joshua. It’s been a nice long, snowy weekend! Here are a few pics from our snowy extravaganza!

Believe it or not, these pics were taken at 9:00pm at night! The snow was so bright white (obviously! :), it looked as if it were still a little light outside. It was crazy…for those of us who haven’t seen snow in almost ten years!!

See boys, God does make it snow in Georgia!! LOL!