It has become quite apparent, even though it is only the end of February, that God intends to give us daughters this year. First we had the situation with the two little girls out of town and that is still up in the air, but doesn’t seem promising. Of course right now we have a temporary placement of three children, but they will likely be returning to family sometime in the next week or so.

I got a call from a friend the other day. She said she’d had us on her heart and wanted us to consider praying about two little girls who are currently in foster care with her parents. The girls are 5 and 10, which would normally not sound like the ideal adoptive situation, but the more she told me about them, the more my heart broke for them. By the end of our call, I was ready to go pick them up and rescue them from a childhood of moving from foster home to foster home. It is very difficult to place children of these ages in adoptive homes. Most families that are taking the adoption route are looking for babies.

We are praying earnestly about these girls and plan to meet them in person as early as next week. Please pray that God would give us wisdom in this situation. We came into foster parenting with no intention to adopt. We wanted to strictly foster. I had the idea that if we adopted, then we wouldn’t be able to help any other children. But what better way to help two little girls than to give them the promise of a permanent home with three little brothers and two parents that will love them forever, no matter what? I’m astonished with how quickly the Lord has changed my heart. I now long for the children that we are meant to adopt. The yearning to have “one more baby” is gone. Just a month or two ago, I was ready to be pregnant again. That is no longer the case. Even if neither of these situations work out with the girls, I feel confident that we are meant to adopt any additional children that will be added to our family.

I look forward to keeping you posted!