I can’t believe this day is finally here!

This is going to be torture.  Every time my phone vibrates or rings my heart will race until I see the agency’s number.  Then my stomach will turn to knots as I try to read her tone of voice as she delivers either really great news, or really disappointing news.

Since, of course, I’m leaning toward really great news, I’ve got to decide on some girl names!!  We’ve been told by several families who have “fostered to adopt”, that we can “call” the children whatever we’d like and their names will legally be changed when the adoption is final.  The reason you go ahead and start calling them by the names you choose, is because it could take up to two YEARS for the adoption to be final and by then the children will be 2 and 4!  If the two year old is already close to three, we will likely either leave her name as is or simply shorten it somehow.  For example, we have friends who adopted a little girl at birth.  The birth mom had given her the name “Lamiracle”.  Oh my.  While “Lamiracle” was in a temporary foster home for a week or so, not knowing what the adoptive parents would name her, the foster parents called her “Mya”.    Not a bad alternative.  I’m hoping for an option like that.

Because there are safety issues involved, I’d really rather NOT leave their names as they were given at birth.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.  The FUN  thing is, whatever we decide on, I can POST IT ON MY BLOG!!  Since they won’t be their legal names for quite a while, it’ll be fine to call them by their ‘new names’ in my posts!

Isn’t this the perfect picture of how Christ chooses us, adopts us, and calls us his own?  Our past life no longer matters and we get to move into the King’s house free of charge and all of the King’s promises become our own?   My heart just leaps as I allow myself to think of how different these girls’ lives will be if they join our family.  The privilege of raising godly little girls into women of God.  Women who will treasure whatever God calls them to be.  Women who will be godly wives and mothers.  Just thinking about the relationship I have with my mother and imagining what it will be like to have two daughters.  It’s overwhelming.

I’ll post something as SOON as I get news.  Please pray.