I can’t believe it.  The past two weeks have gone by relatively quickly and tomorrow is the big day we’ve been waiting for.

Will we have two new little girls in our home…possibly for forever.

I could hardly even sleep last night just thinking about it.  I have Bible Study today, church tonight, and Joshua has music tomorrow morning, so that should keep me busy enough to keep my mind half way focused.

I went to the grocery store twice yesterday, armed with coupons and all the insider info on Publix’ BOGO deals.  At the end of the day I totaled my two receipts.  I bought $115 worth of groceries and only spent $43!!!  I’m seriously getting the hang of this now and I can’t wait to do it again.  It is so silly how excited I am about this Sunday’s paper.  Proctor and Gamble puts out a ‘coupon book’ only a few times a year and it will be in THIS Sunday’s paper.  I know I’ve said it before, but if you want to try “this coupon thing”, go to Southern Savers .  The very best deals are typically at Kroger and Publix.  All the groceries I got yesterday were from Publix!  To think I used say Publix was the most expensive place in town!  Ha!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!