I’m feeling like a new woman this morning. The babies slept eleven hours through the night, two nights in a row…if only Josh and I hadn’t stayed up till almost 11:30pm watching My Sister’s Keeper! It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep does for you psychologically! Moms, you know what I’m talking about!

Our foster children will be leaving soon. Their case went back to court and DFCS is allowing them to go to a family member. Even though we’ve only had them for two weeks, it will be harder letting these three go. We’ve really fallen in love with the babies. I wish so much I could post pictures of them; they are absolutely adorable. And Sister and I have really spent some quality time together. Unfortunately, everything that I’ve observed at visitations tell me that she doesn’t get much attention at home. It’s all about the babies and she’s just another “momma” in the house. It’s sad. She’s such a sweet girl.

Still no news on ‘our daughters’…any of them. The ones from out of town are still in the process of checking out the grandparents, which aren’t expected to be approved, but it can be a long process. And the girls that are with my friend’s parents are going to have to stay put until their parents’ TPR hearing takes place. For those of you not from Augusta, we are about ten minutes from the South Carolina state line. Going back and forth from SC and Augusta is a daily thing for many Augustans, so when I say the girls are in a different state, they are, but it’s only about 20 minutes from here. If they were in foster care in my county, they could be moved to my home and remain there, even before the hearing takes place, but everything changes when they’re out of state. So once again, we wait. I feel like a cartoon character walking around with a huge question mark floating over my head. Someone at church last night was asking me for updates on everything and once I told her all the updates, which were: we don’t know, we’re still waiting, haven’t heard, and should be soon, she just laughed and said, “Girl, your life is just one big question mark right now, isn’t it!” Yep, sure is. But, you know, I seem to rest better in God’s sovereignty when my life is up in the air like this. I guess because I’m a planner and I like to be in control, I have no choice but to chill out and wait on the Lord in situations like this.

Joshua has music this morning and his first recital tonight. I’ll try to video a little clip of his recital. He’s very excited.

So many of my friends are at home with sick kids; fevers and throwing up. I’m so thankful mine are back to being healthy.

Okay, more later!