First of all, I should say THANK YOU.  Thank you for being faithful to pray every time I ask.  How do I know that you pray, you may ask?  Because prayer works.  And when you pray, things happen.  Jesse is much better.  He has only had one fever today and he’s been able to keep down his last three meals.  Owen now has a fever, but it’s not high like Jesse’s.  There are some pretty nasty viruses going around and we’ve been told that is very likely what they’re passing around.

Now for the GREAT news.  Remember the baby girls we were praying for a few months ago?  The little girls from out of town who were going to be ‘foster-to-adopt’??  Well we received news today that THEY ARE COMING!!!!  We’re still unsure of when.  We were told it may be a slow process because they’re moving out of county; possibly several months.  But wow.  I can hardly believe it!  The crazy thing is, I was just telling a friend, the other day, about our decision to let our current foster children stay with us if things didn’t work out with their family taking them and my friend asked, “What about the girls you were suppose to adopt?”  I said, “Well, I’ve all but given up on that situation, since we haven’t heard anything in so long.  If everything were to work out with the girls, it would be a tremendous surprise, but until then, six kids will definitely keep my mind off of it!”  The funny thing is, no one has asked me about “the girls” in several weeks, but all of a sudden several people have asked me about them in the last week or so.  Now I’ll have great news!

We still don’t know anything about them.  Names, exact ages (they were 4 months old and 2 years old when we got the first call a few months ago but that may not have been completely accurate), or nationality.  I suppose it’s kind of like not finding out what you’re having when you’re pregnant…times TEN!  Now I really can start picking out baby girl names!!  Oh my goodness, I can start planning how I want to decorate their room, I can shop clearance sales for next years’ winter wardrobe, shoes, hair bows….you just don’t understand!  SEVEN YEARS OF BOYS and suddenly I will get to buy GIRL STUFF!?!  FUNNNNN!!!

The down side is, when the girls do finally arrive, our current foster children, who we’ve completely fallen in love with, will have to move to another foster home if they haven’t already been reunited with their family.  But God’s timing is perfect so I’ll continue to trust in His ways.

Uh-oh, Owen just peed on the floor in the bathroom and I hear my husband saying, “YOU WERE IN THE BATHROOM!  THE POTTY IS RIGHT THERE?!?”

Time to intervene.

Good night.   🙂