Sorry, I had to do that disclaimer because my sweet brother is a faithful reader and I’d hate for him to unknowingly begin reading about his big sister’s sex life on a Monday morning. LOL! 🙂

So anyways, there is a local church that does a “Sex Talk Series” in February. I think this was the second year they did it. Here is the link to the podcasts if you’d like to check any of them out. I haven’t actually listened to any of them yet, but I plan to listen to the one entitled The Battle In the Bed. My friend told me about some of the stories Pastor Brent told and it melted my heart. Like the couple who put a dollar in a box by their bed every time they made love, and by their 40th or 50th anniversary, they had enough cash to go to Hawaii! Daddy would come home from work and say, “I’ve got a dollar in my pocket.” and Momma would say, “I know just where to spend it.” I think that’s awesome.

How about the man who went through many hardships in his life, including losing his job at one point. For most men, losing their job and ability to provide for their family, even if for a brief time, is a huge shot to their self-esteem. It is in their heavenly make-up to have the drive to provide for their family and when they lose that ability for one reason or another, it has the potential to scar, and even ruin a man. However, this man had one crucial constant in his life. His wife was faithful in the bedroom. He knew that no matter how life was going, his wife would be there to fulfill that one particular need for him almost every night. I don’t know if Pastor Brent gave an actual number of how many times a week, but clearly, it was consistent…more than my poor husband can say at the moment. For those of you/us that have read Created to Be His Helpmeet, you know how vitally important it is, not only to our marriage, but also to our husbands individually, that we are meeting his needs in a physical way. I’m going to try to listen to this podcast today…and maybe tomorrow and the next day, because I’m committing to consistency in my bedroom this month…and hopefully every month after that as well. I suppose I ought to commit to caution as well or we might have some pregnant bloggers after a month or so!! LOL!! 🙂

Happy Monday!