I’ve been determined to do better with my dinner preparations. My biggest problem is waiting too late to get dinner started and then the kids are starving, aggravated, and all up in my space while I try to cook.

Yesterday afternoon, the kids played outside for hours. They were practicing a “concert” that they were going to perform for Josh, me and our neighbors. They had small tree limbs for drum sticks, empty plastic flower pots for the drums, a Hannah Montana microphone that did it’s own singing, and of course, Owen rocked out on the air guitar! It was precious.

But before the concert could happen, the kids had to eat dinner. I started cooking around 4:30. I set the table with my spring place mats and my favorite paisley cloth napkins. There was a sweet little potted plant in the center of the table and I even set the silver wear and drinks at everyone’s seat. When the kids came in to eat, they gasped! With big smiles on their faces, one by one they asked, “Can you set the table like this every day!?” I was over-joyed that they loved it as much as me. It was so relaxing to cook dinner, set the table, and wash every single pot and pan in a calm, quiet house before Josh even got home from work. To end a perfectly lovely night, our neighbors brought ice cream cones (Drumsticks with the chocolate and nuts on top) for the kids. It was a great reward/thanks for their excellent behavior, and of course their sweet performance in which they did their own little renditions of Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Revelation Song. Joshua ended the concert with a prayer. It was absolutely precious, and I don’t think our neighbors know the Lord, so that made it so much more special.

Today we have more cleaning to do, friends are coming over with their slip-and-slide, and we have church tonight.

This spring weather has made me feel like I’m on happy pills. I’m loving it.