I did!!

Up until last night around 7:30pm, I had never sent a text before…in my LIFE! I now have a new phone and our new plan has texting!! I feel like a new person!

I hereby vow that I will NOT become one of these texting zombies I see all over the place. Entire families walk into the grocery store WHILE all four family members stare at their phones and walk while texting; it’s absolutely ridiculous.

My old phone was the one you get for free for adding a new line…four years ago! My new one looks like this:

I’m having fun with all the colors, sounds, and features; I’m sure my battery will be dead by lunch. LOL. On top of that, my kids should be content for days with our old phones as their new toys. 🙂 That’s my way of recycling my old phone!

Okay, on to something else.

Our ladies group, affectionately called Girlfriends at Grace, is beginning a new Bible study today on Joyce Meyer’s book Battlefield of the Mind. It’s only a five week study and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m determined to do all of my homework and make it to all five classes.

It’s only 7:45am and everyone is already up, fed, and dressed (except for me, of course).

Only 27 more days until Jesse ‘graduates’. I’m SO ready for the summer.

We should hear the definitive word on ‘our girls’ by the end of next week.

Well, I guess this proved to be a really random post. Oh well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!