We had a garden last year.

It was not very successful.

Lots of plants. Lots of bugs. Not a lot of harvest.

This year we planned and prepared, moved to a different location (side of the house) with better soil and less bugs (and kids), tilled the ground, brought in good soil, and are praying for success!

We have three 4’x22′ rows with about 16 or 17 different things planted, from fruits and veggies to herbs and flowers. I look forward to taking more pictures as things sprout and begin to grow. Here is what we have so far:

My dad came over with a truck load of top soil. Thanks Daddy!

All of the kids helped spread the soil around to all of the beds.

This is Miss Rosemary. She was the only one left at the garden center. No one wanted her because the rest of her branches were damaged and broken. But I knew she’d survive with a little TLC. 🙂

I love lavender. I’ve never thought about lavender for anything but fragrance until Master’s week when the chef I was working with made lavender chicken. It was delicious!

Unfortunately, by the end of the day this strawberry was gone, thanks to a hungry little bird. I’m going to have to put up some netting over my strawberries.

I’ve heard horror stories about how difficult it can be to grow tomatoes, so I’ve never tried…until now. I’m not scared. 🙂 Afterall, I’m the only person in my entire house that will even eat them!

And this little cutie is the first sign of success. This little sprout is the first of over one hundred seeds that were planted to spring forth out of the ground. Hopefully by next week, we’ll have hundreds of these little sprouts!

Week One pic from our 2010 garden. 🙂