It’s funny to me, how my desire for another baby comes and goes. The yearning never really goes away, but the urge to take matters into my own hands is what I struggle with. We should find out in the next two or three weeks whether or not we’ll be getting “our girls”. If the answer is no, which I have a feeling it will be, I am more than ready to get pregnant again.

The time has come.

I would like another baby…please, Lord?

As I sit here waiting for my big pot of Monday morning coffee to brew, I think about all the joys of pregnancy, newborns, breastfeeding, that ‘new baby smell’…it’s all DIVINE! I cherished every moment of my pregnancy with Owen because it took us over a year to get pregnant with him, but I never for a minute thought it would be my last. With the thought of a fourth baby, I know it could possibly be my last and I look forward to it even more.

I just received news yesterday that a dear friend just found out she’s pregnant with number six (NO, it is NOT Ashley!!). Well actually, her name is Ashley, but it’s not Ashely B….just to clear that up! hahaha!

Yes, I still need to lose weight…desperately. And no, I don’t really want to be pregnant or sick for Anna’s wedding in July. But I do want another baby; soon, preferably.

All in God’s timing.

Happy Monday! It’s Spring Cleaning for me all week long!

Jesse has 35 days of school left! 35 days until I can throw my alarm clock away and fully enter the world of home schooling with all three of my children. 35 days until we begin another fun-filled, relaxing summer with days by the pool, trips to my mom and dad’s, and lots of play dates with friends that we don’t get to see nearly enough during the school year.

Summer, we’ll see you soon!!