This has not been my idea of a good Spring Break.

Every year, for the past six years, I have worked for a catering company during Spring Break/Master’s Week.  For those of you not from Augusta, it is Master’s Week.  The Master’s is the largest professional golf tournament in the world, as far as I know.   Golf patrons from all over the globe flock to Augusta, Ga for the tournament every year.  There isn’t a hotel room to be had.  Augusta natives rent their houses out for anywhere from $3,000 to upwards of $40,000 for the week, depending on where your house is located and how many people it can accommodate.  I cleaned a house during Master’s week last year that rented for $30,000 for the week.  INSANE!

Anyways, I work for a caterer in the evenings and my nights are usually over by 10:00pm.  It’s great.  There is definitely big money to be had if you live in Augusta and stay in town for Master’s week.

My first night at “work” was set to be Tuesday.  This is what I woke up to Tuesday morning:

I had what the doctor thought was pink eye.  He called in some eye drops to the pharmacy and I used them like crazy Monday evening/night.  I knew my eyes felt like they were getting worse, but I thought it was just a combination of allergies and pink eye.  But when I woke up Tuesday morning to puss and swelling, I knew something was not right.  I immediately got the paper that came with my eye drops.  Of course, it said “If you experience burning, pain, or swelling, discontinue use and see your doctor immediately.”  Great, here we go again.

I called Ashley at 6:45am and she agreed to come watch the kids while I head to the early clinic at my doctor’s office.

Sure enough, he confirmed that I was indeed allergic to the drops and ended up having to prescribe me steroid eye drops to bring my eyes back to normal.

Did I mention I’m home alone with six wild and crazy children all week as well??  Have you ever seen the movie Flicka?  If you haven’t, you must see it.  It’s a great family movie.  In it, the young girl talks about watching her horses being let out into the pasture for the first time at the beginning of spring.  They take off into the fields with reckless abandon; not a care in the world, just the excitement at what lies ahead.

That perfectly describes the children in my house this week.  They have spent up to seven or eight hours outside each day.  Not a care in the world…with the only exception being “when do we eat next”.  Needless to say, they sure have been sleeping well.  It makes me look forward to the summer in a cautious, nervous sort of way.  If indeed these foster children are still with us during the summer, I have a lot of careful planning to do.

Light, summer school work, trips to the pool, picnics at the park, visits to the library, weekly crafts or activities to keep things exciting.  I’m going to have to plan, plan, plan, like my life depends on it….because my life does depend on it!  My sanity depends on it!

We finally received a good rain last night, so I’m hoping now that the pollen has been washed away, my allergies will finally calm down and I can enjoy the spring weather before the temps shoot up into the 90’s.

I must go now so I can get the kids ready for a play date at the park.

Happy Friday!!