We hadn’t heard anything about our girls in several months and had all but given up. My boys actually began asking about them again just a few weeks ago.

“When are our baby sisters coming?”

I kept telling them we hadn’t heard any more about them and doubted they were coming, but if they really wanted them here, they’d have to pray! They certainly did. Every night for the last few weeks they have been praying for their baby sisters to “please come to our house very soon.”

As I wrote in this mornings’ post, our other three foster children left this afternoon. We had already begun to wonder what God has for us next. What would the next placement be like? Boys, girls, babies, toddlers? Wouldn’t you know, my phone rang this morning around 10:30am. It was our foster agency telling us that DFCS, from the county where our girls are located, called and requested our home study so they could begin the adoption process!! We still have a very long road ahead of us, and I need you to begin praying specifically that the Lord would bring the girls to our house SOON. They are in separate foster homes and desperately need to be together, preferably under OUR roof! 🙂 Want more?

Their names are Jessica (meaning “God Beholds”) and Sarah (meaning “Princess”).


I’m still in shock, really.

There is a staff meeting at DFCS tomorrow involving our girls’ case. Please pray for favor and that they would all agree it would be in the girls’ best interest to be united in our home as soon as possible.

I will certainly keep you posted!