No. I am not pregnant. Haha…that would NOT be funny.

However, a friend reminded me the other day that adoption, especially the route we’re taking, is an awful lot like pregnancy. A somewhat slow process in which you find out fun and exciting tidbits of information a little bit at a time. For some reason that made me feel so much better about our waiting process. I’ve been so frustrated that DFCS still hasn’t called my supervisor back yet, but I’m hoping it’s just because they’re passing our home study along to all the right people and waiting until they have some great news or are ready to move the girls.

Just knowing their sweet names is enough to keep me going for at least another few weeks I suppose.

In the mean time, I’ve learned how to make hair bows and I’ve been having a blast! I’m going to order a few different types of clips and plan to start selling them to raise money that we’ll need to offset the added expense of adopting two children. Here are a few pictures of what I’ve made so far: