When our last foster placement left three weeks ago, I informed my supervisor and case worker that we really, REALLY didn’t want any foster children over the age of four in our next placement. I was told it isn’t common to get two or three siblings and one not be older than four, but that they would keep that in mind because none of the other foster parents want babies…too much work. Of course, then we got the call about the girls, but haven’t heard any more on that, so imagine my surprise when I’m at a birthday party this evening and get a call from my supervisor with a new placement!!

It is PERFECT!!!

Three siblings, from another county, so I never have to meet the birth parents and will not have to participate in any sort of visitation between the children and the birth family. But best of all—the ages:

a preemie boy, not even released from the hospital yet!!

a 16 month old boy


a 2 year old girl!!!!

I already have clothes for the girl that I’ve been buying for my girls!! I’m hoping I can borrow some preemie clothes from friends and I should have plenty for the 16 month old. They will arrive on Monday!

Please pray for a smooth transition. I have to take a class at MCG on how to care for a preemie. I am so very excited to have a newborn in the house. Pray that the baby doesn’t have any effects from mom’s drug use.

I’ll update soon. Owen’s birthday party is Saturday.