I feel like I’ve posted stuff about my weight, and how I’m finally ready to DO something about it, one too many times. Mostly because I never really ended up doing much about it. I’d get motivated and disgusted with my weight, write a big post about how I’m starting tomorrow! I’d lose seven or eight pounds and then never post anything about it again….because I didn’t lose any more. haha.

SO, this time, I haven’t posted anything about what I’ve been doing lately with my journey to get healthy and skinny again. I don’t have time, right at this moment, to give you all of the details but I will tell you that I’m about to go weigh in this morning. This is my sixth week on the program I am doing now and today marks TWENTY POUNDS! I’ve dropped two dress sizes already and I feel amazingly better with those first twenty pounds gone. I’m still taking it ten pounds at a time and trying not to get overwhelmed with the big picture and my ultimate goal.

It’s very encouraging that people are starting to ask what I’m doing and how much have I lost so far.

It also feels great to shop again and I am excited about the dress I bought for Anna’s wedding next weekend. If I can find a good ‘before’ picture, I’ll post it with an updated picture after the wedding. 🙂 I’m not quite ready to confess how much I weighed when I finally got serious and started losing, but I’m sure I will by the time I post pictures in a week and a half or so.