I’m not typically the mom who feels my life forever revolves around my kids’ poop stories, but for today, I’ll wear that hat.

It all started last Sunday when my sister-in-law was helping Owen go to the bathroom. She called Josh into the bathroom when she realized there was blood and a weird yellowish gel-like substance in the toilet. Unfortunately, the toilet was flushed before I was able to see it. However, Owen continued to have poop issues for the rest of the day. He was going at least once an hour and it was very strange. It didn’t have much of a smell and it had a mucous consistency.

**If you are not either a parent or in the medical field, you’re probably gagging at this point and I would suggest you stop HERE!**

The pooping continued through Monday and Josh was up with Owen for most of the night into Tuesday morning. We had to go to Greenwood on Tuesday to see my mom, so we had to stop on the side of the road twice so Owen could poop in the grass…it only takes an hour to get to Greenwood!

By Wednesday, I finally called the doctor. His poop was starting to look like it had tissue in it…not Kleenex tissue, but bodily tissue.

The nurse called me back immediately and sent us to the children’s hospital for tests. They said they were very concerned and to tell the ER that the doctor had sent us. Thankfully, the kid is pooping every 5-10 minutes, so we had no trouble capturing as many “specimen” as the doctors desired. A few hours of going back and forth to the bathroom in the hospital, Owen literally almost fell asleep on the toilet (**GROSS!**). Five hours later, we were told he has a nasty intestinal infection and that he did indeed have blood and tissue from his intestinal wall, in his poop. They had to send the specimen to the lab for culture and we’ll get the results today. If it’s viral, he’ll just have to ride it out and it should pass within a few days…considering this is day FIVE. If it’s bacterial, however, we’ll have to go back to the hospital where he’ll receive IV antibiotics.

He’s still going to the bathroom every 10 minutes or so, but he got about 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, so that’s progress! I’ll update when we get the lab results.