Kind of like the ticker at the bottom of the screen on news stations that keeps going and going and has great little snipits (ooh, spell check didn’t like that word!) of information. That’s all this post is going to be…

*The boys are in swimming lessons for the next two weeks. Jesse cries everyday because he’s scared of diving in seven feet. I’ve already told him, I don’t care if he learns how to dive, but he does have to try everything else. He seems to be rather paralyzed with fear once the class starts. He’s actually an excellent swimmer and quite fearless when he’s not pressured.

*Jesse recently asked me, “Momma, is that place behind your knee called your leg pit?” That kid never stops thinking of the next thing to make us laugh…although I think he was serious with that one!

*I gave our foster agency a fair warning: If you don’t give us some more babies soon, we’re going to resort to making our own! …yes, I really did say that. However, I’m pretty close to the girls in our agency, so they took it lightly, just as I intended. 🙂

*Josh has been offered a worship leader position at another church and it has turned into one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make….still undecided.

*We’re officially through with our kids’ birthdays for this year. In the last month, Owen turned three and Jesse turned six. Good grief that is crazy!! Kristy, it really is true: One day they’re a baby, the next day they’re in kindergarten!

*God blessed Josh with a good summer bonus and we were able to pay off three debts in full! Three steps closer to DEBT FREE!!

*My dad rejoined the reserves for four years in order to get his full military retirement. As a result, he’ll be leaving for Iraq in March. That will be strange.

*I had a dream about our little girls last night. They had brown hair, brown eyes, and beautiful olive skin. They looked like twins. Lord, does all of this dreaming and nesting mean they’re coming soon?? My heart aches for them to be home where they belong.

*I haven’t swept my kitchen floor in a week. That might be a record for me. But in my defense, we’ve hardly been home long enough to do anything! We’re coming straight home after swimming today, Owen will take a nap, and I will do some serious cleaning. I’m looking forward to it already.

*I’ve been in the mood to repaint some rooms in my house. I think I’ll start in my bathroom since it’s small…I just don’t know when. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.

As strange as it sounds, sometimes I still can’t believe these are mine. God is so good. (Liza, this picture is for you! More to come 🙂