Last week we were at church waiting for Owen’s Sunday School teacher to arrive. Owen has been so sweet and funny lately; even more than the usual.

I said to Owen, “Did you know Mrs. Jenny has a baby in her belly?” (Mrs. Jenny is his teacher.)

His response, “Yeah…but Miss Amanda has a bunny!!”

Miss Amanda is one of our babysitters who has lots of animals at her house: birds, fish, dogs, cats, and a bunny…there may be some I’m missing.

It was funny to me that Owen esteemed a bunny, that he can already see and touch, much more worthy of awe than a baby growing inside his teacher’s tummy…which he can’t yet see….in fact, she’s not even showing yet. I’m sure it will get more interesting as her tummy gets bigger.

However, I fear it will inevitably bring on a multitude of embarrassing moments as he will then be asking whether or not everyone with a protruding gut has a baby growing in their belly.