Days, that is.

Richmond County requires that homeschooling students log at least 180 days of school per year. Of course, if we sent in attendance sheets year round for everyday that we learn great stuff at home (or in the car, or on vacation), we’d probably log more like 300, but we’ll just report what’s required.

Today was a total success. We started the day off right, reading out of Ephesians 6 and praying together. School time went smoothly with no complaining. I’m really really excited to have all of my boys home with me this year. I look forward to the days and years to come. I’m excited about all of the things we will learn and discover together. I’m so thankful for the freedom to teach my children at home. I hope to never take it for granted.

We finished school around 11:30 this morning and the boys ran off to play, like puppies released from their leashes. No TV, no computer, no DS, not even any music played as I packed up the books for the day and listened to the boys play trains with their little brother. It was a sweet time. Moments like those make me so very excited at the thought of another baby. We’re trusting the Lord for His perfect timing. After trying for a year to get pregnant with Owen, we’ve decided to leave it up to God (as if it really would have happened any other way!!) as to when we will get pregnant with number four…or number four and five! LOL! See, while twin pregnancies seem to be happening ALL around us, I actually do have the genetic cards stacked in my favor (or against me, depending on how I choose to look at it).
Twins are only genetic on the female’s side and only from her mother. Twin pregnancies tend to skip a generation, but I’m not sure that is scientific. In any case, my mother and her TWIN brother were numbers four and five in their family! My mother did not have twins, so not only is it my turn, but your chances increase with each year of age and with each recurring pregnancy. Twin pregnancies fascinate me, but I prefer one at a time, so that is certainly what I’ll be praying for. I just wanted to clear up the misconception that twins can run on either side of the family, from any family member, identical or fraternal…it’s just not true. Identical twins on the other hand, are a completely spontaneous miracle!
Tomorrow, school must start early so Josh and I can make an 11:00 training at the foster agency.
Can’t wait to hear how everyone else’s first day went!!
Happy Monday!